Monday, August 18, 2014

Mommy guilt

As a working mom I often have guilt. This has been bad after a long PTO with my lovely daughter. We had the best 7 days of fun and summer. It has been hard. At work we have out WFH coworkers in town which equaled a long happy hour. It is fun but it left me longing for a hug from my favorite girl. She was still up watching TV which let me snuggle her and help her into PJ's. However I leave Monday feeling sad that I lost my evening of hugs and fun. Joe gave Abby the phone as I drove home and she asked the difficult question... why didn't you come home after work, my response 'corporate networking' I don't feel so great at it, I like smaller happy hours to get to know people. I don't have a loud voice so most can't hear me and a laid back personality so I just let others talk and pretend to listen. Well she is snoring now and time to get ready for another day. Grandma day here we come.

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